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本校設置趣旨・理念 -Establishment-idea-

 21 世紀を迎え、現代社会はIT化、情報化、国際化などの発展によって世界中の国と国、人と人 の距離が縮んでおり、ますます多様で相互依存になってくる。特に日本の企業が加速的に世界中に進出し、さらにグローバル化を要求されている。このため、世界中の人々に日本の魅力をもっと知ってもらうことが非常に大事だと考える。そして、近年日本文化を理解しようとする人が増え、日本語を学ぶ人口が増えてきたとみられる。これを踏まえて、われわれは日本語教育を通して、さらに日本の魅力を発信し、国際交流を深め、国際親善の一翼を担うことを理念として【日本文化教育学院】を設置することになった。

In the 21st century, development of IT and information technology such as internationalization, modern society becomes more interdependent increasingly diverse had made the people of the world contact and distance shorten. In particular, the Japanese companies accelerated to world expands access are required to fuether globalization. For that, it is considered that the charm of Japan is very important to be known to people around the world. And, the people who trying to understand the Japanese culture in recent years has increased, also the population to learn the Japanese has been increasing. For this opportunity, we had to install the Japanese culture Institute of Education on the principle by the Japanese education, that it originated the charm of Japan further, deepen international exchange, and it plays a role in an international friendly.



鈴木 博之





 In each countries of the world, globalization advances drastically, and a global range is shortened, more understanding and communication, etc. between the people and the people , and between the countries have been further request. Based on this situation, Ltd. JCE will place the point of view to the world , we believe attempts to place Japan's appeal to people all over the world through the Japanese education.

This time I established [Japanese Culture Education Academy] and made a new start. I thank on this occasion that this depends on the aid of all of you and cooperation to one fold.

And, everyone you started to hope want to study in Japan and everyone of their families, even the relationship bidder to pay for your cooperation in the field, as you choose our institute, is full also truly appreciation feelings. we'll guide Japanese culture, manners and an exchange with a local resident, not only Japanese education in our academy thoroughly. we'll also support the living side besides the school like full strength.

Please leave it to our academy to certainly realize 【DREAM】・【GOAL】of everybody.